Boat Rentals


Here at Marine Plus we offer a variety of rental boats to enjoy Lake Champlain. We are the largest and only boat rental that allows multiple days/overnights as long as you have mooring or dockage.

Anyone born on or after Jan. 1st 1974 requires a boat license to operate rental boats. If you need one go to     THIS IS STRICTLY ENFORCED AND IT IS THE LAW. YOU MUST ALSO HAVE BOATING EXPERIENCE.  Proof required by captain of the rental boat.  IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO RENT SUMMER 2018- CONTACT US NOW AS WE ARE NEARLY BOOKED UP FOR THIS YEAR ALREADY.

Marine Plus Rental Agreement

Single day rentals are from 9 AM to 5 PM (not 24 hours). Rental rates do not break down by the hour. Rentals launch  at 9AM the starting day and will be picked up by 5PM the last day.

Rental deposit is $1000.00 paid by Mastercard or Visa only. Deposits secure reservation.

This will be applied to the total cost of the rental (including fuel used) with remainder to be refunded back to renter unless there are damages. If there are damages to boat , some or all deposit may be retained. For severe damages additional charges will apply. This will not include the cost of the rental or fuel. On all boats , pre-rental photographs are taken. There may be additional cleaning charges , as well, if boat is not returned in the condition it was rented. Remember, You are the captain of this boat while it is in your care and you are responsible for anything and everything that happens to and with that boat. Pre- rental photographs are taken of the boats before each launch.

Please treat these boast with care by using fenders at all docks and not leaving them under trees as leaves stain canopies and seats. All boats are rented with a full tank of gas…Non ethanol of course.

The boat will not be left by renters at dock or mooring before pick up by Marine Plus personnel. Call if you want an early pick- up.

Cancellations- If you need to cancel, please give 48 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in loss of half of the deposit  ($500.00 per boat). If you are going to be late for launch please call ahead. We book launches tightly so you may have to wait until all other boats are launched as a courtesy to those who are on time. We are not responsible for inclement weather so check the forecast a few days before rental period begins. Marine plus also reserves the right to cancel any reservation or any rental for any reason ,deposits will be returned in that case. Late returns on a rental will be charged $50.00 per 15 minutes after due in.

Multiple day boat rentals take precedence over single day rentals.

Please call for availability as boat rentals book quickly!!

 NO Half day rentals are available.


Rate Per Day  1 Day   2 Day   3 Day   4 Day Plus  Boat Capacity
18′ Open Bow
Fishing boat W/ 150 Hp
Outboard Motor
$375.00  $375.00  $375.00  $325.00 4-6 people
18′ Open Bow
250 hp Motor
$375.00  $375.00  $375.00  $325.00  4-6 people
Lowe 21′ Pontoon
60hp Mercury
 $400.00  $400.00  $400.00  $350.00  8-10 people


We want you to have a great time on the lake and that means safety rules. All boats come with life jackets and safety kits and lake charts. Call ahead if you have little ones that require specially sized flotation devices. Rental boats will NOT be used at night. These boats have weight limits, please do not overload them…it could cost you a lot more than your deposit…Like tow fees,fines by the lake police patrols, the cost of the entire boat or even litigation if you damage another boat or injure a person. So be careful . None of this is the responsibility of Marine Plus. You are the captain while the boat is in your care….so take care.

We can rent you Tubes and Wake Boards with lines for $50.00 per rental.


Additional boats may be added to the fleet and may not be listed. Please inquire about type and availability.

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